Born in Turkey, Atilla Alpar completed his primary, secondary and college education in İzmir. He graduated from Istanbul Maltepe University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Acting in 2009 with Honours.

From 2003 to 2012, he had a part in respectively; (Kursun Yarasi) Lead Wound, Hekimoğlu, (Aci Hayat) Bitter Life, Umit Milli, ( Zor Karar) Difficult Decision, (Kurtlar Vadisi)Valley of the Wolves, also took part in (Teror ve Firar) Terror and Escape. He made his debut as KÜPELİ in Kurtlar Vadisi Ambush. With this role, he received two BEST MALE ACTOR awards and a CINEMA’S YOUNG STAR award. In 2010, he participated in the European Universities Theatre Festival. He had the honour of meeting Europe’s most important theatre academics, such as Dougles COCKLE, Jan BARTA, Teresa BRAYSHAW and Marina MARKOVIC, following several acting workshops with them he added a universal dimension to his acting education.

Some of the plays he took part in; Bremen Town Musicians (Children ‘s play), Midas’ Ears, Yasar Ne Yasar Ne Yasamaz, Yalanci (Liar), Clashes (Romeo and Juliet adaptation Stage Combat), Gamsiz Capkin,  Rascal, Memories of a Madman, Independence War with Documents, A Caucasian Epic.

He conducted a workshop called THEORETICAL EXPLANATION OF METHOD ACTING at Yaşar University in 2011 and Nişantaşı University in 2016.
The concepts he is influenced by during his acting career are; Sainford Maisner, Stella Adler, Sonia Moore. In addition to his drama instructing, he has developed an education concept of THE ART OF PRESENTATION, SHAKESPEARE’S LEADERSHIP CODE, and POSITIVE OUTCOME CUSTOMER RELATIONS for middle and high level executives of corporate firms and he continues to work on this subject.
He is the first person in Turkey to publish a book about CAMERA ACTING which is extended by his research in this field. In addition to this he published an article called THE REALITY of STAGE COMBAT IN ACTING in YENI TIYATRO magazine which is the first juried publication in Turkey.

His interests are stage fighting choreography, stick fighting, fencing, horse riding and Greek Dance(Sirtaki, Hasabiko, Zeybekiko).

He is a licenced sportsman specialised in basketball, athletics and table tennis. He speaks English.

He is the founder of Tiyatro35 which was established during 2015-2016 Theatre Season. He went on many tours in Anatolia with his one-man play called BIR KAFKAS DESTANI.

In 2016-2017, he completed his postgraduate education in Cinema Department at Marmara University, Social Sciences Institute.

He gave lectures about Camera Acting and Actor Management in Faculty of Fine Arts, Cinema Department at FMV Isik University.

First time in Turkey and also in the World, he adapted, directed and played Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s CRIME and PUNISHMENT on stage; a play for one performer concept in 2018.

İn 2019 acted and directed Matmazel Julie By August Strindberg and he take the best actor of 19.Audience Award with this performance.

He works in various Educational Settings and Private Organizations as a Director, Acting Coach and Drama Instructor. Apart from this, he is still working on publishing American Playwright DT Archieri’s play, The Scream, in Turkish.