Born in Izmir, Atilla ALPAR completed her primary-secondary-high school education in Izmir. He graduated from Maltepe University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Acting in 2009. He completed his master’s degree in Marmara University, Institute of Social Sciences, Department of Cinema in 2017. He is currently a PhD student at the University of Peloponnese Theater Studies in Greece.Thesis topic is”REFLECTION OF SYSTEM AND METHOD ACTING IN CONTEMPORARY TURKISH- GREEK THEATER AND CINEMA”.

Turkey took part in the most important tv series of projects.
He wrote and directed the short film named KURU.
Turkey also wrote the first book on the CAMERA ACTING. 
He founded Tiyatro35 in İzmir and carried the most important works of DOSTOYEVSKİ, STRİNDBERG, SHAKESPEARE to the stage by marginally adapting them. He is the first Turkish theater artist to receive an invitation from DOSTOYEVSKI’s Crime and Punishment RASKOLNIKOV and the World one-man theater festival (MohoFestPerm) held in Perm, Russia.
He was awarded the best actor award for Strindberg’s play Mademoiselle Julie.
Among its features;
Horse Riding, Stage Fighting, Greek Dances, Basketball, Tennis, Table Tennis, Mountain Walking, Swimming, Aegean Dialect, English, Greek.