MATMAZEL JULİE “Kiss of the Black Widow”2019-04-24T10:35:00+03:00


Matmezel Julie “Kiss of the Black Widow”

Mademoiselle Julie, who is the CEO of Post Holding, which her father owns, celebrates her birthday with the employees on the holding terrace. Later, they landed in the warehouse together with Jean, who was working as a marketing manager at the holding and married. The love games, confessions and power struggle that continues in this dim and quiet environment are dragging Mademoiselle and Jean into an irreversible situation. The game that tells the struggle between passion, love, ego and male and female relations with its own language.

Writer : Strindberg
Director : Atilla ALPAR
Cast : Ezgi Eylül Yılmaz,Atilla ALPAR
General Coordinator : Ayşe Demirtaş
Time : 75 minutes (no break)
Date :  16.02.2019
Location : The Stage of Sahne Çolpan İlhan
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0538 863 50 11