In the 21st century, the art of acting is now evaluated within objective and universal criteria. It is absolutely subjective (which does not leave a commentary). Not everyone, especially some non-educated people, disclose their prime and objective definition by engaging in non-scientific discourses about acting. So, what is acting? Acting is a state of conscious schizophrenia. Haluk Bilginer, an actor with an academic career in this field, defined the art of acting in an objective way. The concept of iştir being iştir has been accepted as the modern realistic acting theory within the art of acting. Stanislavski’s realistic acting theory appeared scientifically at the beginning of the 20th century, one of his students, Sonia Moore, further developed, going from the concept of acting by influencing Eric Morris, Stella Adler, Lee Strasberg and Marlon Brando; to make the transition to the concept. The realistic acting movement, whose seeds are laid in Russia, has grown in the United States and spread throughout the world. This theory is the only accepted scientific theory in many acting schools.
Richard Boleslavski and Maria Ouspenskaya, at the American Laboratory Theater, trained hundreds of American actors and directors with the Stanislavski System (Stella Adler, Ruth Nelson, Eunice Stoddard, Harold Clurman and Lee Strasberg, American Laboratory Theater before setting up the Group Theater. Harold Clurman and Lee Strasberg, together with Cheryl Crawford, met in 1925 at the Theater Guild and later founded the Group Theater (1931-1940). Lee Strasberg, Stella Adler and Sanford Meisner, who have collaborated with many actors, directors and educators who have contributed to the development of Method Acting, worked together at the Group Theater in the 1930s. In 1949, Strasberg made his contribution to Method Acts at the Actors Studio (1948-1982), Adler at the Stella Adler Conservatory (1949-1992) and at the Meisner Neighborhood Playhouse (1935-1997). Although they differ in some ways about the interpretation of the techniques they developed, they became the most influential names in making the Method its present. The method, along with the principles and methods of Stanislavski, is also based on the corrections and effects of Vakhtangov. Lee Strasberg, Stella Adler, Sanford Meisner, Uta Hagen, Robert Lewis and Elia Kazan. The main names in the popularity of Method Acting worldwide are Marlon Brando, James Dean, Anthony Quinn, Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, Robert Duvall, Paul Newman and Dustin Hoffman.



The method includes a program of 2 courses with weekday or weekend options to be applied to acting and camera acting techniques.

1. Setup Method Acting Workshop

  • Eric Morris, meeting Stella Adler
  • Basic Acting exercises
  • Sense Memory study
  • Breathing and Sound exercises
  • Imaginary monologue
  • Improvisation studies
  • Tirat studies
  • Meet Sanford Meisner, Lee Strasberg
  • Meisner exercises
  • Migration
  • Stage works will be studied.

At the end of the course, students will exhibit the scenes they have determined. These works will be taken to the camera as a reference document.
The development of the exchange rate on the development will be made.

2. Setup Camera and Acting Workshop 

  • Film reading and decoding in front of the camera
  • Performance coordination with camera, continuity tracking, direction and axis determination, camera angles and camera movements,
  • Scene Fighting Techniques
  • Scenario reading and shredding, stage decoupage, stage tracing, monitoring
  • Understanding the frame, entering the picture, moments of change
  • Contact your partner & Feel the camera
  • Physical actions and continuity in moving plans
  • Preparing the prepared scenes in front of the camera
  • Audition Studies,

Participation in the workshop is obligatory.
Students who are absent 3 times will be dismissed from the workshop.
Number of participants: Up to 10 people
At the end of the course, students will take part in the short films which are the final projects.
Graduated students will have priority to take part in the theater and cinema films of the T35.
Being a reference by meeting professional people in the sector.
Successfully completed candidates will receive a certificate.
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It is a process that will be experienced by the pre-acting actor candidate who aims at the amateur theater activities for adult age group.

Number of participants: up to 15 people
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(6-16 Years)

The Children and Young People and the Creative Method Acting Workshop supports the development of the individual by teaching empathy, using body language, role playing, imagination, relaxation, communication and interaction skills while teaching the subject during the revival of a subject.

A monthly assessment will be made for each participant.
Participant certificate will be given at the end of the Creative Method Acting Workshop.
At the end of the Creative Method Acting Workshop, they will be performing their stage performances.

Number of participants: Up to 10 people

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This workshop is developed for each candidate who is a high school graduate. Tirat consists of improvisation, movement, glory, general culture, reflex sections.

  • Transformation of the student’s exam stress to positive purpose energy,
  • To find the basic motivation,
  • Focusing not on result orientation,
  • The candidate is given advice on which schools to enter.

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Participating in general cinema knowledge to the participants in the minimum time, aiming for maximum benefit, together with a variety of learning techniques are in structure.

  • Cinema aesthetics and philosophy, Film Analysis, Behind the camera system, Player management
  • Scenario; script writing rules include the theory of fiction and their practice.
  • Directing work content; cameras and shooting techniques, writing shooting scripts, creating frames, camera movements and recording.
  • Fiction, Installation work content; Editing the captured images, adding music, creating the film

Weekend or Weekday options are available.

Number of participants: Up to 10 people.

Students who complete the Cinema Workshop will be able to complete their projects with a short film. Candidates who successfully complete their short films will receive a certificate of participation.

They will have the right to participate in the films of the T35 as a priority for their work.



Depending on the scope of the workshops, 1 or 2 days can be done with weekday or weekend options.

Number of participants: Up to 10 people

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